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about dicideiq

Diligent Care for Creative Intelligence Development (DICIDE) an NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), is a leading IQ, Health and Management promotion organization with emphasis on Better Maternal Skill for Better Newborn IQ and Health.

‚Äč"We provide maternal skill education to health workers and women of child bearing age on strategies for developing IQ and Health of Unborn Child (fetus)"... smarter newborn.

"We focus on enhancing Students IQ potential using mind tool". Mind tool training is in line with Brain Based Learning (BBL)".

"We offer specialized IQ Management seminars ----Activating the Genius Within Project, with emphasis on leadership, team building, communication, career excellence, project management, creativity, problem solving and interpersonal skills"

"Our IQ management models incorporate works from Win Wenger, Brian Tracy, Cora Robinson, Daniel Goleman, Tony Buzan, Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen and James Allen"

Key Benefits;

    How to instantly increase your perceived value in maternal and career life thereby become effective, efficient and confident.

    How Africa can recognize and take advantage of hidden opportunities in career...entrepreneurship

    How to unleash students, child and fetus creative intelligence.

    and much more...


Capacity Building, Policy Drive, Empowerment, Sensitization, Training